Kim's Battlefield tour!

"Great English Guide!"

This tour will begin with an introduction to The Great War and an overview of the Ypres front line. Also an introduction to the famous Battle of Messines (underground warfare and tunnelling).

We will then take the e-steps and head to our first stop of the tour, Bayernwald German Trenches. Here we will walk through reconstructed trenches on an original site and discuss trench life. 

From here we will travel to Wijschate (whitesheets to the troops) to have a walk around one of the many Commonwealth cemeteries in the area. Here you will also find a special memorial to Irish troops with a very interesting story behind it.

Onto the smallest town in Belgium, Messines, we can visit the little church of Messines and the crypt and discover its connection to some interesting historical figures.

We will then pass by a beautiful New Zealand memorial to take in the view and feel of the true battlefield. here you can really get a sense of fighting conditions.

To finish, our final stop will be Spanbroekmolen Crater ( Pool of Peace) Here we will cover the events of the 7th of June 1917,19 mines exploding at once under the feet of the unsuspecting Germans.

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